Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My dad had a meeting in Snowbird last weekend so of course we all had to go!
It snowed about two feet while we were there. And you thought it was Spring...
Here's me and the boys getting all geared up to face the slopes.

Cael took lessons every day at Snowbird. He is going to be a pro. 

My dad was so kind and paid for all the girls to get a massage! (Makayla, Chelsea, Mom, and Me)



Worth it? 

Who knew I could be so sore and not even know it! 
My masseuse told me that it's healthy to get 4 massages a year... I'm totally going to agree with that rule!

Why pay for an extra room when they're $600.00 a NIGHT and you have 9 people..
4 people in beds
5 people on the floor
 It's no biggie. :)

All in all this was so worth skipping two days of school.

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